Daniel Donaher | President

Daniel Donaher is a Senior studying Electrical Engineering at Penn State. He grew up in the small Philly-area town of Landenberg, Pennsylvania, and has been doing Model UN since his senior year of high school. He also considers PSIADA to be his family away from home when he's at Penn State. His favorite thing about Model UN is how it forces you to take a step outside of your comfort zone and look critically at issues in ways that you would not have thought to have looked at before. His other hobbies include: running, enjoying a nice cup of tea, and reading up on current events.

Tom Santee | Vice President for Away Conferences

Tom is a senior, majoring in aerospace engineering. He has been involved in Model UN since arriving at Penn State. He has staffed six conferences, with PHUNC V being his seventh. He has served as a crisis director, a staffer, chair, co-chair, treasurer, Vice President of Away Conferences, and Chief of Staff. He is currently serving as Chief of Staff for PHUNC V. Outside of the club, he is involved in NROTC and Penn State’s pep band. He hopes to graduate and commission as a naval officer in 2018.

William Juppenlatz | PUNC Secretary General

William Juppenlatz is a senior studying History and Economics. He has been a member of the Penn State International Affairs and Debate Association since his Freshman year. In that time he has staffed several committees, and most recently served as Under Secretary for Crisis and Committee Development at PUNC X. Apart from PSIADA, he has served as Vice President for Strategic Planning of Penn State’s UN Campus Advocates, a group working to promote the work and goals of the UN.

Erfan Shakibaei | Vice President for Finances

Erfan Shakibaei is a junior studying Finance from Berwyn, PA. He has been a member of the Penn State International Affairs and Debate Association since his freshman year and has had the opportunity to staff several conferences, most recently serving as a Chair for PUNC X and a Co-Chair for PHUNC IV, alongside being the Vice President of Finances for the organization. Apart from PSIADA, Erfan is the Vice President of Communications for the Smeal Student Council, a Professional Development Chair for the Sapphire Leadership Academic Program, and is a participant in Wall Street Boot Camp I and II. Beyond extracurriculars, he likes to stay active, travel, play rugby, and breakdance. Erfan started with Model UN in high school and is now excited to serve as the Vice President of Finances for PSIADA.

Milan Liu | Vice President for Communications

Milan is a sophomore hailing from Happy Valley. She is pursuing majors in International Politics and Geography, and a minor in Chinese. Milan likes maps, adventures, and coffee, and would probably rather be in the mountains. She’s been involved in Model UN since her sophomore year of high school, and serves as PSIADA’s VP for Communications, as well as on the PUNC Secretariat. She can’t wait to see everything her PSIADA family is going to accomplish this year!

Kelly Harrington | Vice President for Membership

Kelly is a junior from Lansdale, PA studying International Relations. She spends a lot of her time doing work for PSIADA, including chairing a committee at PHUNC and being the Undersecretary General for Crisis at PUNC this year! Outside of that, she loves to play tennis and is involved with the alternative music club on campus. She hopes to work for a non-profit or the government one day!

Katherine Bartuska | Integrity Counselor

Katie Bartuska is a junior from a small town just outside of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. She is a member of the Schreyer Honors College and is majoring in International Politics and Economics and minoring in History. She has previously served as PSIADA’s Technology Chair, as well as the Director of Technology for PUNC X and PHUNC V. Joining this wonderful organization was one of the best decisions Katie has ever made, as the wonderful people she has met have become her family. Aside from PSIADA, Katie is the Vice President for Finances of the United Nations Campus Advocates, works at the Undergraduate Speaking Center, and is an intern for the Center for Global Studies. She is passionate about education, travel, and history, and is honored and pleased to serve as Integrity Counselor.

 Tarrick Qahash | Training Chair

My name is Tarrick Qahash and I am the Training Chair for PSIADA. I’m a junior majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, trying to get a minor in Math and Microbiology. I was always interested in Model UN, but my High school never had one. Now that I am finally participating, it has given me a great avenue to improve my public speaking and debate skills.

Mihir Alve | Technology Chair

Mihir is a sophomore from Malvern, Pennsylvania. He is majoring in Computer Science and pursuing a minor in Math. He spends a lot of time staring at WordPress trying and usually failing to figure out how all of the PSIADA sites actually work. He has been involved in Model UN since his sophomore year of high school, and currently serves as the Technology Chair for PSIADA, and the Director of Marketing for our High School Conference. He is excited to continue to serve different roles in PSIADA and help make PHUNC and PUNC an amazing experience for all of the delegates!

Kayla Wendt | Events Chair

Kayla Wendt is a Junior majoring in International Politics and History here at Penn State. She has been involved with the Penn State International Affairs and Debate association since her freshman year, currently serving as the Chief of Staff for PUNC XI and previously having been the Director of Operations for PUNC X. Outside of PSIADA she is the Vice President for Membership of the UN Campus Advocates, an organization that seeks to promote the goals of the UN.